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Healthy Choices
Do you eat for good nutrition? It means more than simply eating an apple a day. Think in terms of your food choices throughout the day, from breakfast to bedtime. All foods, including your favorites, can fit into a healthy eating plan.
Fats and Cholesterol
You need to consume some fat to maintain good nutrition. The American Heart Association (AHA) states no more than 30% of total calories should come from fat; while the USDA 2005 Dietary Guidelines recommend a range of 20 to 35 percent. Fat powers many of the body's processes. It also adds satiety to meals--making us feel full longer after eating. Improve your diet by putting a little knowledge of fats and oils into practice.
Vitamins and Minerals
You need vitamins to live. You also need certain minerals. Together, these substances, which are naturally found in food, help the body to grow and function. Adding vitamins and minerals to your diet can give your body a boost.
Vegetarian Eating
Going meatless may take a little more work than a regular diet, but the trade-off can be better health.
Nutrition Tools: Labels, Portions and Pyramids
You don't have to figure out good nutrition on your own. Use these tools to smooth the path to healthy eating.